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“A while back I started my own apparel company. I was just going down the wrong path trying to do it on my own. After just a couple months with Cody I was over $20,000 in sales. Third month $35,000. I couldn’t believe the numbers that were coming through after working with him.”

– Nick Hand

“I wish that I had found Cody sooner because I would have had these awesome results sooner than I did… I launched my shirt today and I made $732 dollars in sales. That blows my mind. I’m so excited. Thank you Cody!”

– Christiana Hill

“I purchased your course and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I did. So many different things that I wasn’t able to pick up on my own… It really blew me away and helped me catapult this new store to the next level… Can’t thank you enough!”

– Tim Somers

“It’s an amazing course. If you are brand new and don’t know anything about Ecommerce it is definitely the course for you. There is so much step by step that walks you through exactly what to do from start to finish. Even if you’ve already got a store, if you’re a little more advance there’s so much information in there for you.”

– Troy Calhoon

“What really drew me in was the interpersonal behind the course. Cody is a person that has a vested interest in your success… His course is very very detailed and step by step. Every single thing that you would want to know is spelled out black and white. There’s not a more genuine person or course out there. He holds nothing back.”

– Ty Hanson

“Even just the first few modules have opened my mind up as to what’s possible. There is just so much in there… You’re facebook group is really really great and I’m so glad now that I’m inside the eCommerce Brand Academy, extracting all that gold.”

– Lyndon

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