Learn How To Drive 30-40% Of Your Monthly Sales With High-Converting Email Marketing Methods.

What’s Inside.

Module 1:
Welcome And Introduction

Module 2:
Types Of Campaigns And Where They Fit In Our Marketing

Module 3:
Pre Purchase Campaigns

Module 4:
Offer Campaigns With Discounts

Module 5:
Abandon Cart Campaigns

Module 6:
Post Purchase Campaigns

Module 7:
Repeat Buyer And Value Based Buyer Campaigns

Module 8:
Re-introduction Campaigns

Module 9:
Daily Offer Campaigns

Module 10:
Joint Venture Campaigns

Everything You Actually Need To Build A Profitable eCommerce Brand…

“If you are brand new and don’t know anything about Ecommerce it is definitely for you. There is so much step by step that walks you through exactly what to do from start to finish. Even if you’ve already got a store or if you’re a little more advanced there’s so much information in there for you..”

Troy Calhoon