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Over $400 million in eCommerce in the last 6 years

We’ve spent the last decade discovering the most efficient ways to build and scale profitable eCommerce brands to 6 and 7 figures so you don’t have to.

Now we dedicate our time to helping thousands of people just like you rapidly create financial freedom through eCommerce without any existing experience, even if you have limited time and money.

Our Founder – Cody Neer

Over 300 6-figure eCommerce businesses built since 2013

Built and designed dozens of successful 7-figure Shopify stores

Built and sold eCommerce assets for 7-figure pay days

Trained over 300 people how to build profitable eCommerce stores

After a promising professional baseball career came to a sudden halt, Cody Neer was left with nothing other than the need to make money ASAP…

With his competitive spirit and determination to redefine his purpose in life, he quickly found a way to pivot and put his skills to use. The result? A $13,000,000 company…

After realizing he had a knack for online advertising and marketing, Neer started turning heads and catching the attention of world class brands including Target Corporation and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, both of whom hired Neer to help drive sales for their online stores…

With results like $350,000,000 generated from $56m ad spend, Neer quickly realized eComm could be his own ticket to financial freedom. Just one year later, Neer built and scaled the first of what would become over 13 7-figure eCommerce brands of his own, becoming recognized as one of the top eCommerce experts in the world…

Now Cody dedicates his time and passion to teaching others how to increase their income and create real financial freedom by building profitable 5, 6, and 7 figure eComm brands inside the eCommerce Brand Academy…

Proven Processes

Discover the simple 3-part process to every profitable eCommerce brand that’s been proven to help over 300 students earn an extra 5, 6, even 7 figures with their eCommerce stores.

Expert Mentorship

Get unlimited lifetime access to expert training and mentorship so you can ask questions at any time, get support, and fast-track your results.

Like-minded Community

Network with other like-minded people in a private VIP mastermind group so you can surround yourself with hundreds of people creating financial freedom through eCommerce right now.

“A while back I started my own apparel company. I was just going down the wrong path trying to do it on my own. After just a couple months with Cody I was over $20,000 in sales. Third month $35,000. I couldn’t believe the numbers that were coming through after working with him.”

Nick Hand – akpride.com

How It Works.


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Join Cody Neer on a FREE training as he reveals for the first time how he did over $400 million in eCommerce sales in 6 years without any previous experience.


Build Your Store Around A Style That Suits You

Get started and learn how to quickly find the right products to sell, how to drive traffic to your store, and how to make sales like clockwork.


Grow By Incorporating New Strategies

Increase your income, make money, and rapidly grow your eCommerce store to 6 and 7 figures so you can create real financial freedom and spend more time doing what you love. 

What’s Inside.

Learn how to lower your advertising costs and make profitable sales over and over.

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Learn how to run Google shopping, display and search ads to your store.

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Learn how to use POD to build a brand even if you have no products to sell.

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Learn how to make and leverage incredible video sales ads for your eCommerce brand.

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Learn how to use Instagram to build brand awareness and grow sales consistently.

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Learn how to make B2B sales for your store and get retailers to sell your products. 

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Learn how to sell products on Amazon or sell products from Amazon on your own store.

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Learn how to get long term traffic from boards and drive paid ads from their platform.

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Sell custom items on your own store or meet other sellers who allow you to sell their products.

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Learn how to build funnels with crazy average order values that skyrocket your net profit.

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Capture free buyer traffic from the worlds largest congregation of interested customers.

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Learn how to leverage the world’s 2nd largest marketplace and it’s traffic of buyers.

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Learn how to sell B2B products to over 40 million potential buyers every month.

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Learn how to build an eCommerce store that you can sell for large profits.

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Leverage Influencers’ followers to build your brand and make sales fast.

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Learn how to sell products that cost $1000 or more completely through your online store.

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Buy and sell products on local marketplaces such as Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

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Learn how to drive 30-40% of your monthly sales with high-converting email marketing methods.

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“If you are brand new and don’t know anything about Ecommerce it is definitely for you. There is so much step by step that walks you through exactly what to do from start to finish. Even if you’ve already got a store or if you’re a little more advanced there’s so much information in there for you..”

Troy Calhoon

Everything You Actually Need To Build A Profitable eCommerce Brand… All In One Place.